Pregnancy and Oral Health

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I’m pregnant and does what I eat make any difference with my child?
-Yes.Usually baby’s teeth begin to develop between 12-24 weeks of pregnancy.If you eat smart, it can help your child indirectly.Some tips from the National Maternal and Child Oral Health center to follow during pregnancy include eating plenty of vegetables and fruits,dairy products, and consuming less sugar in food and beverages.Drink water or milk instead of juice,flavored drinks,or soft drinks.Drink water between meals and snacks.Eat foods with folic acids such as asparagus,broccoli, and leafy green vegetables.
I’m pregnant and I vomit a lot, will this affect my teeth?
-When we vomit, a layer of stomach acids spread over our teeth.It’s not healthy for your teeth but if you brush right away ,acid will rub all over the outer layer of your teeth. Instead, rinse your mouth with water to help wash the acid away.Brush about 40-60 minutes later on.
Since I’m pregnant, my gums are bleeding a lot.Why and what I can do to fix this?
-Pregnancy related hormonal changes are very common, which leads to gum bleeding.We called this pregnancy related gingivitis.This is common between the second and eighth months of pregnancy. Brush twice a day for two minutes, floss to maintain oral health or use a interdental brush, and see your dentist or hygienist for your dental cleaning.
I was seen by my dentist, and per my last exam there is a big cavity which needs to get fixed.Is it okay and safe to have a dental treatment while pregnant?

-If you’re pregnant and need a filling,root canal or tooth removal and need numbing medication (local anesthesia), you should not worry as numbing medicine is safe for you and your baby.
I’m pregnant and currently having toothache.I’m planning to visit a dental office. Are dental X-rays safe to take during pregnancy?
-Yes,it’s safe to get an X-ray during pregnancy.
Ideally all dental office would like to communicate with your OBG before giving you any medicine or treatment to avoid any unexpected complications for you and your baby, but in general if you need dental treatment while pregnant there is no need to worry as it is really safe.

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