Why do I need to remove my wisdom teeth since it is not bothering me at all?

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Why do I need to remove my wisdom teeth since it is not bothering me at all?

If your wisdom teeth are fully erupted and settled down with the opposite jaw’s wisdom teeth in bite properly, no issues such as caries,gum problem, cysts,tumor and we shouldn’t worry about removal.
-How do I know that I have such problems with my wisdom teeth since I’m not in pain at this moment?
Such problems come to the attention of hygienist or dentist when you come and see them for your regular exam and cleaning appointment. Ideally we need a panoramic x-ray to make sure your wisdom teeth are in good health.
-I’m not able to see my wisdom teeth in my mouth,does that mean I’m missing my wisdom teeth?
This is not necessarily true until we can make sure with panoramic x-ray and confirm the absence of wisdom teeth.
-I was told by my dentist that I need to consider my wisdom teeth removal even though they are buried inside the jaws and not visible in my mouth.
We occasionally notice cyst development around wisdom teeth,which may lead to jaw fracture.Unhealthy gum tissue around the buried wisdom tooth/teeth may create gum and bone problems around neighbouring teeth.We occasionally notice a tumor around wisdom tooth/teeth.To make sure you do not have any cyst or tumor we need to have the panoramic x-ray every 4-6 months but as your dental insurance may not cover this x-ray that often, you probably would prefer to not to have a panoramic x-ray taken. However, we would not be able to determine if there is no tumor/cyst presence until we confirm by x-ray and clinical signs.
-If there is no pain, does it means everything is healthy?
This is not necessarily correct when it comes to buried or partially erupted wisdom teeth.
-My wisdom teeth are partially erupted and I have on and off pain, and my dentist prescribed me antibiotics and painkiller to make my pain disappear.I always request my dentist to prescribe me medicine when this happens.Is it okay to take medicine rather than removal of wisdom teeth?
If you suffer from on and off pain around the wisdom teeth,antibiotics and/or painkillers are not the answer. You need to have them removed, otherwise it may lead to emergency visits as after certain time medicine will not relieve pain and instead damage adjacent teeth,gums and bone as well. Misuse of antibiotics will lead to bacterial resistance.
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