About Wisdom Teeth

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About Wisdom Teeth

What is Wisdom Teeth and why remove it

Wisdom teeth that are healthy and properly positioned can be an asset. Commonly however wisdom teeth are misaligned or erupt only partially, or not at all. They remain trapped beneath the gum and bone or crowded by other teeth. Wisdom teeth may tilt sideways and cause damage to teeth next to them. Regular dental checkups are important to allow your dentist to track the progress and condition of your teeth.

Removal of wisdom teeth may prevent these types of problems: infection caused by eruption of wisdom teeth, resulting in pain ; damage or crowding of adjacent teeth caused by a wisdom tooth misaligned; and potential tumors forming near impacted teeth which could destroy surrounding bone and teeth roots.

A general dentist can perform wisdom teeth extractions. However if your dentist anticipates a need for any special care , you may be referred to an oral surgeon. That is a dentist who specializes in surgery of hard and soft tissues of the mouth, including the removal of the impacted wisdom teeth.

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