Bad Breath Reason and Cause

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Bad Breath Reason and Cause

There are several reasons as to why one may have bad breath. Commonly known reasons include food particles lodged in teeth which can release odors, dry mouth in which odors can build up, and poor dental hygiene, which allow bacteria to build up . However, there are several other causes that cause bad breath including crash diets(fasting), mucus build up in the oral and nasal cavity, and drugs used to cure cancer and other diseases such as liver failure. For treatment, make sure your oral hygiene is good, there are no carious teeth left, and that salivary flow is going on.
Make sure that there is no inflammation in tonsils, throat, and nasal cavity, as it may trap bacteria.

To avoid bad breath:

-Maintain oral hygiene

-Drink plenty of water

-Rinse your mouth after each meal and snacks

-See your doctor if you have chronic respiratory issues

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