Burning Mouth Syndrome

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Burning Mouth Syndrome

Female patient has chief complain that front of her tongue is red and burns.The burning sensation may affect the tongue,the roof of the mouth,the gums,the inside of the cheeks and the back of the mouth or throat.This condition can affect men and women,but it is especially common in women during or after menopause.

WHAT CAUSES BURNING MOUTH SYNDROME? The exact cause of burning mouth syndrome often is difficult to pinpoint. The disorder has long been linked to a variety of other conditions: menopause, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, tongue thrusting, disorders of the mouth (oral thrush and dry mouth), acid reflux, cancer therapy (irradiation and chemotherapy) and psychological problems. Some researchers also have suggested dysfunction in the nerves supplying the mouth and tongue as a possible cause.

-I suggest my patient drink more fluids or may suggest saliva replacement products that can be purchased at a pharmacy.Consider reducing or cutting out caffeine and alcohol.

– Look up the side effects of any medications you are taking (such as those used to treat high blood pressure). Ask your physician for the substitute medication.

If patient has fungal infection need to take care of that by physian.An oral swab or biopsy may be used to check for thrush, which is a fungal infection; thrush can be treated with oral antifungal medication.

-Other simple measures may help. Eliminate mouthwash, chewing gum, tobacco and very acidic liquids (certain fruit juices, soft drinks and coffee) for two weeks to see if there is any improvement.Rule out nutritional deficiencies by lab test and treat them accordingly ((ie, Iron, folate, vitamin B12, etc)

-Any irritations caused by sharp or broken teeth or by a removable partial or full denture should be eliminated.

If the steps listed above do not resolve the problem then I referred my patient to seen by their physician for disorders such as diabetes, abnormal thyroid conditions, Sjögren’s syndrome rheumatological disorder), mineral deficiencies or food allergies should be investigated. This usually involves referral to your family physician and the use of blood tests.

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