NO Sugar please

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NO Sugar please

Who doesn’t like sugar but the bacteria(bugs) in our mouth loves them even more.Sugar is the ” food” for the bacteria that cause tooth decay.
Eating sugar is not bad but limiting the amount is crucial for your overall health including teeth.
Try to make healthy choices like naturally occurring sugars like milk and fruit.
-Try to stay away from juice(high in sugar)
-Skip soda (sugary,carbonated beverages)
-Avoid sticky snacks if you don’t have time to rinse right after
sticky foods adhere to teeth and invite bacteria.
Please try to avoid following:
Hard candies,ice( avoid chewing),acidic foods,excessive consumption of caffeinated sugary coffee and tea,sticky foods,excessive potato chips,soda,limit alcohol consumption to avoid dehydration and dry mouth and limit sports drinks.
Good for dental health:
-Water is the best beverage to maintain oral health.
-If you can consume milk and other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt contain protein and are full of calcium,which can help to strengthen your teeth.
-Phosphorus rich foods such as milk,eggs,fish,meat.
-Fruits and veggies
-Nuts contain protein and minerals are low in carbohydrates.

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