Pregnancy and Dental health

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Pregnancy and Dental health

Facts About Pregnancy
The most common pregnancy-related change is known as pregnancy gingivitis. When you get pregnant, your body begins producing maternal hormones, which can affect your gums and make them red, swollen or inflamed. It can also make your gums more likely to bleed. The good news is that your dentist can prescribe a thorough oral home care program to help control the affects of pregnancy gingivitis.

Dental X-Rays and Anesthesia for Pregnant Woman.
Dental X-rays and anesthesia are rarely dangerous to an unborn baby, even during the first trimester. Dental X-Rays are among the safest, and there is no reason to avoid them if your treatment cannot wait until after the baby is born. In fact, the risk of an undetected dental program could have a larger impact on an unborn baby than the X-Ray itself.
Please keep flossing, brushing, and maintain your dental hygiene visit more often when you’re pregnant.

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