Preparing Kids/Toddler for Dentist Visit

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Preparing Kids/Toddler for Dentist Visit

Children often mirror parents’ behavior. When parents are relaxed and happy, children are more likely to be relaxed, as well. Children are also more relaxed when they are prepared. Spend time talking to children (yes, even babies and toddlers) about visiting the dentist. My personal request to all parents is spend time reading about visiting the dentist and talking about what the dentist will do in a positive way. “The dentist will count your teeth” or “We will show the dentist what a great job you do when you brush” serve as beneficial conversation starters. Older siblings and friends can also help in this area by serving as a good role model and talking positively about visiting the dentist for a check-up. You can bring your little one to your dental visits to get them used to the sights and sounds of a dental office to help them prepare for their own.
If a positive environment is created, difficult treatments become easier.

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