Sinus Pressure and Teeth/Tooth pain

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Sinus pressure and tooth/teeth pain😤😤😤

Sinuses are paired cavities/spaces found in the cranial (head)bones.There are a total of four pairs of sinus cavities. They are given their names in accordance to where they are located on the face, ethmoid sinuses, frontal sinuses, maxillary sinuses, and sphenoid sinuses.They are connected to the nose on the facial part of the skull where
Air passes and mucus drains.
However,for some people in the maxillary sinus leads to pain in the upper back teeth.Some of the nerves that supply the upper back and middle teeth run through the maxillary sinuses.When the sinus are inflamed or infected,the nerves can be irritated resulting in toothache symptoms. After mid thirties for most people’s sinuses have enlarged enough to encroach on the roots of the upper back teeth.When the sinus has pressure built up in it,the pressure is also being applied to the nerves of the teeth and the teeth have a dull constant ache.Usually the pain is diffuse involving several back teeth.It can be on one side or both sides.If the pain persists more than few days ,the lower teeth can get affected as well for the same side.This is called referred pain.It is usually persistent and recurrent.It may cause the affected teeth to be more sensitive to hot or cold.This is not a toothache,but is annoying pressure.
Treatment is best accomplished by preventing the pressure before it hurts.I do suggest natural way of cleaning mucus by use of Neilmed sinus relief or neti pot.
OTC sinus relief medicines.
You should contact your dentist if the pain persists even after the sinus pressure subsides,keeps you up at the night and located to one tooth.This type of pain may caused by something other than sinus pressure and need more specific treatment to cause it to subside.
People who suffer from the sinus inflammation(sinusitis) do not need to just wait a cold or allergy outbreak.Relief can be significant if medicines (decongestants or antihistamines) are sought before the pain starts or just after it has begun.

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