Traumatically Intruded Teeth

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Traumatically Intruded Teeth

In simple words Tooth intrusion is defined as the displacement of a tooth farther into the alveolar bone.

Intrusion is a traumatic dental injury that affects primary and permanent teeth.The most frequently involved permanent teeth are upper central incisors.(upper central front teeth)

Majority of intrusion injuries occur from falling and hitting the upper front teeth against  the hard object.The remaining injuries occur from bicycle accidents ,motor vehicle accidents,sports and fights.The 6-15 year old age group is most often involved.

Intrusive injuries of the primary(baby tooth/teeth) can lead to damage of succedaneous(permanent)tooth buds leading to various developmental disturbances,including mild enamel damage,partial or total arrest of root development and or eruption disturbances.

Managing intrusive injuries can be difficult compare to other traumatic injuries and long term prognosis depends on several factors:extent and severity of the injury,stage of root development, patient age,tooth position and other injuries to the crown and soft tissues.The stage of tooth development and the severity of the injury influence the healing process and the long term outcome the most.

Three options besides the choice of extraction;

-The first option is to monitor the tooth for re-eruption.

-Surgical re-positioning

-Orthodontic extrusion(Braces)

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