Young kids and Airways correction

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Young kids and Airways correction

I would like to encourage to parents to consult their dentists sooner they find out that their kids are mouth breather, their teeth are showing crowding or snoring and grinding/clenching.

It’s advisable to correct the narrow constricted dental jaws,compromised airways, cross-bites and improperly developed upper and lower jaws as early as possible.

Majority of time I heard parents that they would prefer to wait till permanent teeth eruption for the correction of the narrow jaws or teeth alignment.Failure to treat these skeletal and functional problem in the mixed dentition ( primary (baby teeth) are present  and permanent teeth are in eruptive stage)lead to more challenge to fix this problems and often require permanent teeth extraction,compromised airways as well. Roughly 60% of the airways get corrected by the expansion of the upper jaws.I strongly encourage evaluation of the airways before any orthodontic treatment to get the best result.

Early treatment for the correction of malocclusion and impact on airways correction goes parallel.I have often mention that the roof of the mouth and floor of the nose share the same bone.Let’s understand one thing, expansion of the upper jaw arch helps more nasal breathing.

In my clinical practice I often see the young children with constricted or obstructed airway due to enlarged tonsils,adenoids or swollen nasal mucosa.I also see those kids with some type of malocclusion means teeth are not sitting properly inside the upper and lower jaws.In these type of cases sooner we expand the upper jaw arch,it allows the palate to drop and increase the width of the nasal airway which discourage mouth breathing and helps nasal breathing.

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